Shoe Lifts

You might be good looking but might not have a good height. A good height especially in a man adds confidence and personality in general. If you do not have a good height you can increase it by using Shoe Lifts.  The other names for these lifts which are placed inside your shoe are insoles, heel lifts. These lifts are nothing but wedge shaped platforms made from soft materials. These insoles are placed inside the shoe and you gain a few inches of height. Here it becomes essential to mention since a few inches are added in the heel area, the ankle would protrude out when wearing a shoe. Therefore you do have to be careful when you wear them and not use them for any sports activity.

What are the other ways to increase your height and how do they compare with lifts used in shoes?

Shoe LiftsElevator shoes

Have you heard about elevator shoes? These shoes follow the same principle of using wedge shaped insoles inside the shoe. Therefore the person wearing these shoes gets a few inches added to his height. But the basic problem with these elevator shoes is that they are very expensive and are often customized. Insoles on the other hand are in expensive and you can just have a few of them and use them in any shoe of your choice. There are different brands that you can choose from.

Using surgery

Another permanent option is lengthening your height using surgery. Here the medical procedure is to use the bone in a foot and then use the broken bones and add pins to it. After some time the bone or cartilage grows in the broken bones area and you gain weight. Most people would use shoe lifts and avoid this expensive painful surgery at all cost.

Are they any guidelines which need to be considered when choosing a design for these lifts in your shoe?

When choosing Shoe Lifts you have to consider a few things regarding the designs which are:

1.    A good insole should slop like a well developed arch especially under the balls of the foot.

2.    The insole should never be short according to the length of the foot. Here you would have the tendency to slip forward and thus might face an accident where you would just slip. The heel should be according to your feet size or a little longer.

3.    The insole should not have any hump in the lift area. When you walk wearing these lifts which are placed in your shoe, you would feel uncomfortable and you might have the tendency to slip forward when you are walking.

4.    A good insole should comfortably elevate your height without adding any discomfort. The insole should also not create any acute rubbing in the heel area. If you rub your heels too much, you would land up with Achilles tendon problem. You would also have blisters.

5.    The insoles should fit inside your shoe well and be firm. This would make you feel comfortable when you wear them.

6.    These lifts should sit under the heel and the material should be soft in nature.

What benefits do men enjoy when they are wearing these lifts in their shoes?

1.    You can wear these lifts in your shoes and enjoy a few extra inches in your height. Nobody would know your actual height. It would be well kept secret.

2.    You have the liberty to choose the number of inches you want. In fact you can insoles of different heights and use them for different occasions.

3.    You would enjoy new confidence which would reflect in your work and personal life.

4.    You would walk upright and therefore you would have no back pain issues. This also increases your body metabolism.

5.    Now you can reach places in the cupboards which you could not earlier and enjoy these little wonderful things of life.

Before wearing them it would be a good idea to consult a doctor and find out if you can wear them for everyday use.